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An Outstanding Collection.

We are pleased to offer to you the inaugural listings from the Bill Stanford Collection. Bill has been collecting coins since early childhood. His collecting bug was fueled by the help and encouragement from his Mom (she would bring home coins she obtained out of circulation and give them to him). Interestingly, one of the pieces was a great looking Barber half dollar in AU! Needless to say, this lifelong endeavor of collecting resulted in the formation of a number of wonderful sets which we will be offering to you over the next several weeks as we get the coins back from grading.

Be sure to check back often as we have hundreds of coins out to grading from Bill’s extensive collection–including Flying Eagle and Indian head cents, Liberty nickels, Buffalo nickels; Barber dimes, quarters and halves, Standing Liberty Quarters and Walking Liberty half dollars and Seated Liberty Dollars. All of Bill’s coins will have the tag line, From the Stanford Collection

a real nice one


I received the 1869/69 IHC today. The one you picked out is better than I expected! I have wanted that coin for a long time and now I have a real nice one. Wow! 


Again, if you ever need a reference, you can use my name. Another great coin.

Thank you

Roger from NJ 


New Happenings at J J Teaparty, Inc. . . .two ebay stores!


We recognize many collectors enjoy the auction format for purchasing coins

Things you should know:

  1. We have two eBay stores (click on the links below to see our current listings)
  2. teapartycoin for better date and grade collector type, gold, etc.
  3. jjteapartymarketplace mostly for modern coins dated 1935 and later, but also including dollars, modern commemoratives, and some type coinage, tokens and miscellany.
  4.  Bid, Buy It Now or make offers with confidence. The same great reputation, service, reliability, quality and value you have come to expect from J. J. Teaparty, Inc. and our staff of professional numismatists, accompanies all ebay store purchases as well.                                        teapartycoin     jjteapartymarketplace