Been with J. J. Teaparty since 1990

Hi Gail:

Thank you and Liz for the nice holiday card.

I have been dealing with J.J. Teaparty since around 1990, when my first son was around 5 year old, and my other son was around 2. We went to the store on Bromfield street, and spoke with Miles and then Liz. Both of them were incredibly patient, kind and nice to my sons and I, even though we only spent about $1.35.

However, it was their kindness, sincerely and honesty that I valued then, as I still do today. It was this kind treatment that kept me coming back for over twenty years at the store, and why I still come back today.

I am sorry that I have not met you in person, Gail, but in dealing with you over the phone, I am very confident and know that you exhibit these same values.

I appreciate how kind, patient and honest you are. What a great company, and it is a pleasure working with you now and I know many years in the future.


Jeff  from Massachusetts