A nice note from a happy customer

When you want the best personal service and highest prices realized for your coins, contact J. J. Teaparty, Inc.  If you are thinking of selling, please call Liz at 617-821-8430 or email her at liz@jjteaparty.com to make a plan for liquidation of your single coin or collection.  Liz is happy to discuss the best options for, with the goal of achieving the highest possible prices realized for your coins. 


“Dear Liz and Gail:  Thank you both so much for the amazing job you do with my coin consignments.  I just received a recent check, and I also see all those coins on lay-away.  I know that some of those coins were not easy sells, so it’s truly a testimonial to your vast reach and expertise. Without having searched for other coin dealers, I can confidently say that you guys are THE BEST!!” L.R.,  FL 


Welcome to March

Happy first day of March, the snow is melting like crazy and I am hoping to be able to get out into the yard this weekend for a little gardening.

I hope you are enjoying our new website design. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email them to me at gail@jjteaparty.com.

Also if you have read this email and are calling to place an order mention Spring Fever and I will give you free shipping, at least until I write my next blog.   Have a nice day. Gail

Today’s update

Well you asked for it and we now have it.  I will try to keep this as current as possible.  First of all I hope you all like the new Website and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Just email me at gail@jjteaparty.com.  I know most of you like my weather comments so today is a bright sunny day in the 30’s and with the weather since last Saturday things are starting to melt.   Today Liz returns from a west coast buying trip so probably on Thursday I will be sending a list of New Purchases.